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A Parent's Resource Guide to Social and Emotional Learning

Edutopia’s curated list of blogs, articles, and videos for parents about fostering kindness, empathy, resilience, perseverance, and focus in children.
By Edutopia, Ashley Cronin

Encouraging Kindness and Empathy

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Cultivating Perseverance and Resilience

  • Carol Dweck on the Power of “Yet” (GreatSchools, 2013)

    Stanford University professor Carol Dweck, research pioneer on “fixed” versus “growth” mindsets, discusses how a simple change of language can inspire children to think differently about their capabilities. For more about Dweck’s research in this area, check out Maria Popova’s blog post from Brain Pickings entitled "Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives."


  • How Do We Help Kids Make Better Choices? Let Them Practice (Edutopia, 2012)

    School administrator, blogger and author Matt Levinson stresses that mistakes are a necessary part of learning and suggests that allowing children to navigate challenging situations on their own can help them build frameworks for arriving at more successful outcomes.

  • Tips for Resilience in the Face of Horror (Greater Good, 2013)

    Jason March, founding editor-in-chief of Greater Good, describes how educators and parents can help protect children and themselves from the effects of vicarious trauma.

  • Talking to Your Children About Tragedy (Bright Horizons, 2013)

    In this video, Brendamarie Contreras, director at Bright Horizons, discusses relevant principles parents can consider in relation to young children and personal or family reactions to traumatic events. Though the introduction to the video is focused on Boston, the principles discussed can be applied to a wide variety of situations.

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Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Focus

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Home, School, and Community Partnerships

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Children’s Social Selves and Technology

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Additional Resources

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Do you know of other useful resources, or are there other types of resources you'd like to see included on this page? Please share your feedback in the comments.

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