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Youth Voices: What the Next Generation Wants to Learn

Students speak out on video about what should be taught in school.
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What's the most essential skill to learn for the future? Many young people are experts at collaborating through online technology -- the kind of tools that are powering the new global economy -- so we asked them what it takes to succeed.

Students submitted a diverse range of video responses. Press Play to watch six of our favorite messages here:


Morena, fifth grade
Shanghai, China

Justin, fifth grade
Shanghai, China

Melanie, twelfth grade

Alex, tenth grade
Organization and
social dynamics

View additional video responses:

Brandon and Cliff, twelfth grade, New Jersey


Megan, fifth grade, Shanghai, China


Sandra, fifth grade, Shanghai, China
Foreign languages


Fiona, fifth grade, Shanghai, China


Amanda, fifth grade, Shanghai, China
Foreign languages

If you'd like to view all the submissions, find them on YouTube and TeacherTube.

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