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What's on your Winter Reading List?

What's on your Winter Reading List?

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The winter break is one of my favorite times to curl up with something to read -- something about the combination of a plush blanket, a mug of something steamy, and a new book (or download on an eReader!) makes me feel really cozy.

Here's what I'm hoping to dig in to that will make me think:

The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
(I may be the last person in the world who hasn't read this yet.)

Curation Nation: How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators by Steven Rosenbaum
Being a digital curator myself, I've been meaning to get my hands on this and read about the critical role of human aggregators in our information-saturated society.

Here's what I'll read when I need a laugh:

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson
Q: Name the wife of Orpheus, whom he attempted to save from the underworld.
A: Mrs. Orpheus.

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary by Ian Falconer and David Sedaris
For better or worse, David Sedaris makes me snort aloud when I'm reading late at night, which sometimes wakes up my husband.

And here's what I'll pick up if I just want to be swept away to another world:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Really, I'm just a softie for anything about the circus. But this one looks particularly intriguing.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
Winged creatures? Devils? Art students? Magic? Blue hair? I'm in.

What are you going to read?

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Sarah Zykanov's picture
Sarah Zykanov
Classroom Teacher, Action Researcher

I'm reading Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs which is a really compelling read so far. I also plan to get back to James Paul Gee, What Videogames Have to Teach us about Learning and Literacy when I finish.

Hellen Harvey's picture
Hellen Harvey
high school English

Just finished Buddha in the Attic - a highly teachable novel about "a novel that tells the story of a group of young women brought over from Japan to San Francisco as 'picture brides' nearly a century ago."
Also reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close before the movie opens and Freedom by Franzen. So many books......

Erica Wilson's picture
Erica Wilson
Technology Integrator for Gilford High School

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
I'm mid-read and can't wait to finish it over break. A fun, fast read of fantasy, intrigue, monsters, time travel, and mystery... good fun!

snowflakes63's picture

i'm going to read alex haley's roots. I've always wanted to and got it for my kobo so here I go

Lisa Dabbs's picture
Lisa Dabbs
Educational Consultant. Author. Speaker. Blogger.

I have to take a minute and add my list of goodies!
To Read: Then Again by Diane Keaton. Her memoir which looks to be wonderful.
In Process: Think by Lisa Bloom. She throws out a challenge for all to be more aware of the things that count in our world.
To Read:The Element and Out of Our Minds by Sir Ken Robinson. Can't wait to tackle those beauties!

Happy Reading all!

Jody Stone's picture
Jody Stone
Library Media Generalist for Mt. Lebanon School

Just finished reading Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper to a 4th grade class. Well written with great voice, it had a couple of twists that left the kids gasping and crying, "No, no, don't stop reading now!" It's a compelling story for intermediate and up....even adults.

Ms. C's picture
Ms. C
Middle School Teacher, Lead Teacher, Dept. Chair, Support Provider

I'm currently reading The House of the Seven Gables. Every sentence is like a very rich bite of dessert...

Pamela Smith's picture

I've been reading the Harry Bosch mysteries by Michael Connelly. I've become a new lover of murder mysteries. Connelly's books are entertaining and not gory like some murder mysteries can be.

Autumn's picture

The Night Circus is spectacular.

Don't read the new Sedaris for a laugh. It's more often sad than funny.

Maria Smith's picture
Maria Smith
Gifted Specialist (3rd - 5th Grades) at Irondale Community School

Thus far I have read, "The Time Keeper", "The Life of Pi", "A Gift of Hope", 8 "grown-up" romance books, and am currently (trying) to read, "Les Miserables".
A Book a Day keeps the grey cells away!

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