Multiple Intelligences Thrive in Smartville

At the Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy, in Gainesville, Georgia, students know exactly how they are smart.

Editor's Note (2015): Additional research is needed to understand the applications of Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences in educational settings. Furthermore, a clear distinction should be made between multiple intelligences (how people process information) and learning styles (how people approach tasks differently). Research, however, does suggest that providing students with multiple ways to learn content improves learning (Hattie, 2011). Read more about the research on multiple intelligences and learning styles.

Editor's Note: Since this video was filmed in 2009, former principal Susan Culbreath has moved on to coordinate early learning at the district level for Gainesville City Schools, and former assistant principal Donna Allen has become principal of the district's 6th Grade Academy. Smartville is still flourishing under the leadership of principal Matt Maynor and assistant principal Jennifer Westbrook.