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Whitney Hoffman

For the past five years I've produced the LD Podcast, a podcast featuring interviews with some of the leading experts in learning and learning disabilities across the country. As Director of Operations of the Podcamp Foundation, I've been organizing and teaching at Podcamp Digital Media conferences across the Country. I also sit on our local school district's technology committee, and have tutored middle school students in reading and math. With Christiana Care Health Systems, we produced a series of podcasts for resident education and presented a research paper that showed medical residents were able to retain the information presented through audio more effectively than just reading the research papers alone.
Jenifer Fox and I have recently finished The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists for Jossey Bass. My extensive experience helping teachers,students and even adult learners integrate digital media into their education has fueled my interest in education and in making differentiated instruction and personalized learning a reality for all students.
Jenifer Fox and I will be moderating the Personalized Learning forum here on Edutopia

Areas of Interest: 
personalized learning,
differentiated instruction,
cognitive development,
technology and education,
the development of writing skills

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