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Victor M Casas

I have been teaching computer science/new media for the past 12 years.
Currently, I am involved in developing a new secondary computer science curriculum known as Exploring Computer Science ECS. ECS is a pilot course developed in collaboration with UCLA, LAUSD and the National Science Foundation. It has been a very exciting time working with my on-site colleagues and the ECS team. Our students in CNMT are truly engaged and excited about learning more about computer science and computational thinking and how technology based learning goes far beyond how to learn the basics about computer use at school and at home.

I am very curious to here from the members of this group as to how they are involving their students in interdisciplinary learning using technology. I believe that every content-area teacher and learner have much to gain from leveraging the possibilities that technology integration has to offer.

Areas of Interest: 
Computer Science,
computational media,
computational thinking,
linked learning,
project based learning,
small school reform,
student leadership,