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Verdi Huffman

Twenty-eight years of experience in education, the last fifteen as an Instructional Technology Specialist providing technical and instructional support and coaching to teachers, administrators, support personnel and students. I was employed for five years as an Instructional Technologist with the Georgia Department of Education at one of their thirteen regional Educational Technology Training Centers. During this time I had the opportunity to work with in-service teachers and administrators of diverse backgrounds and all levels of technology use. I participated in the collaborative efforts in writing the state-wide InTech curriculum at the high school level, the development and delivery of professional learning opportunities for K-12 educators, provided technical support for our center, served as a technical and instructional resource person for nineteen school districts within our service region and was a regular presenter at state conferences. Currently in my ninth year as an Instructional Technology Specialist for Jackson County School System, I have led school and district efforts to increase the use of technology in and out of the classroom.

Areas of Interest: 
Instructional Technology,
Educational Technology,
Digital Medai and Information Literacy,
Project-Based Learning,
21st century skills,
web 2.0

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