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Thomas James Vanderbeck

Vanderbeck has designed and taught 100 original courses in education leadership at the University of California, California State University, and the University of North Carolina. Tom has coordinated a comprehensive community counseling and training agency; and created the Personal Empowerment Project, which provided comprehensive crisis intervention services, professionally guided peer-counseling, self leadership training, rescues from abuse/molest/neglect, substance abuse prevention and recovery services for 2,500 adolescents in three middle schools and five high schools. A credentialed K-8 teacher, he is a master trainer in Situational Leadership(r) II, and holds 16 professional certifications in counseling, social work, substance abuse and DUI consultation and education, staff development, and mental health administration. Tom is the author of "Playing (the game of life) With A Full Deck - A Self Leadership Primer."

Areas of Interest: 
Accelerating learning,
personal accountability,
self leadership.

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