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Teacher Sofie

Teacher Sofie is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism. After graduating from college, she worked as a freelance researcher and comic strip writer. To pursue her passion for teaching, she took Certificate In Teaching and Specialization in Preschool Education courses at the Philippine Normal University. She is now a teaching principal at the Einstein School for Kids, a small school with big ideas.
Teacher Sofie as her colleagues fondly call her, has been a preschool teacher for 7 years. She has written a kindergarten book under Bookwise Publishing, entitled Smart Reader. She is an in-house speaker of the Brain Connection: HRD Center, a training company located in Quezon City. She served as a facilitator of the Brain Based Training in the Province of Bulacan, and the cities of Cabanatuan, Pasig, Olongapo, Surigao and Cebu. She is currently taking Masters Degree in Education Management at the University of the Philippines.
Teacher Sofie's other service is a religious organization, Couples for Christ, because she believes that each one of us has a social responsibility to fulfill and CFC is one of the avenue where she can bring people closer to God. Aside from that, she has an Entrepreneurial blood, a member of the Royale Business Club, Inc. where helping people is a way of life. Through this, she can actualize her belief that fulfilling one's dream begins with helping people fulfill their dreams first.

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textbook writing and curriculum design expert

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