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Tamsin Henry

I have been teaching since I was seventeen years old.I have taught in the Primary, Secondary,and Tertiary levels.I lecture in English Language and English Literature at a teacher's training college in Guyana.I am married to my husband who is an English teacher at a secondary school.I really love teaching but I find it a bit difficult to locate and to use creative strategies to help teach concepts in English Language. Here in South America we have been trying to get to know our technology better so I am making all efforts to use it to the best of my ability. I am now pursuing my MS in Education online in order to be a more effective teacher who will promote change.I sometimes attend development sessions but they are very limited and are often done hurriedly, so I really don't get to explore much.I hope to learn more about teachers and teaching in general.

Areas of Interest: 
curriculum development for english language,
strategies to teach various concept in both english language and english literature,
challenges of the profession,
how to cope in the present day classroom

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