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I am a Middle school art teacher working in the trenches of our educational system and loving it. I love coming up with ways to bring 21st century learning to our students on a shoestring budget and lots of ingenuity. Every student deserves their teachers' best effort, regardless of their background, home life, academic ability, race... This is where Art and the ability to Think Creatively comes into play and what can I say?..... I am in love with Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Thinking Outside the Box and Visual Arts. How can we make learning engaging and fun as well as challenging for our students? I'm a public school teacher in a school with 89% free lunch. 1 more % to go and we hit the 9/9/9 level. Which makes me work even harder at making learning meaningful for our students. I'm a huge proponent of SEL training. Having seen what a difference it can make in our school and how much of a need there is for this with our students. Enough of this, I'm preaching to the choir here at Edutopia...let's get back to a little bit more about me.

I love everything to do with art. creating, experimenting, drafting, drawing, painting, sculpting, brainstorming, challenges and mistakes, critical thinking, recycled art, sustainable art, problem solving and having a voice, doodling, observing, conversing, building confidence and sharing. I'm sure I've left many more out, but you get the point. Lately we've been into creating Stop Motion Animations in my classroom which has been a phenomenal success and of we are crossing over into other subjects to create learning videos to be shown in the science classes.

Areas of Interest: 
Stop Motion Animation,
Graphic Design,
SEL training

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