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Selena Woodward

A self-proclaimed nerd and English teacher, Selena has spent her career examining the role of technologies in the classroom. Passionate about ensuring that everything she uses to teach enhances learning, she's spent years tweeking and re-purposing technology to create innovative, constructive and fun learning environments for her pupils. Her journey has brought her a great deal of knowledge about technology integration, in particular in the areas of the TPACK framework, Interactive Whiteboards, Qr codes, Augmented Reailty and Tablet devices. Now she's working at Flinders University with pre-service teachers as well as consulting in a number of local South Australian Schools.

Available for Professional Development days, consultancy and advice, you'll find more information (and FREE HELPFUL STUFF!) at See you there!

Areas of Interest: 
Social media,
English and Drama teaching,
teacher Education,
Lesson planning,
Australian Curriculum