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Think Ready Read: An Orton-GIllingham based education blog

I'm Sarah, an instructor and tutor with Reading and Language Arts Centers. I'm also a Certified Academic Language Practitioner and certified teacher. I don't have my own classroom though; I am lucky enough to have many classrooms! I travel around training other teachers, and then working with them and the students in their classrooms.
My focus is on sharing effective, research-based strategies for struggling students, especially struggling readers, and improving the quality of instruction for those students. Every student deserves the chance to be successful. And every teacher deserves the chance to help students succeed.
My mission is to share information and offer resources to help teachers do just that! I also want to give teachers a voice and get them to join in the debate about education that is occurring around them. With information, passion and community we can gain the power to influence the education system.

Areas of Interest: 
reading instruction,
multisensory teaching,
assisting struggling students

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