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Sam Rubenstein

I teach English Language Arts and music production, and an educational e-book author, using topics of student interest to create meaningful hooks and teachable moments. In my classroom, we use technology to the best of our ability, though we are limited by district policy, such as the blocking of social media and video sites. I want to use technology effectively and productively, beyond simply using tech for the sake of tech. I know that as a human being, technology is a regular part of my life, and there is a decreasing line of demarcation between the virtual and real world. For my students it is the same, and so I attempt to reach them there.

I am interested in educational publishing in the digital realm. While the human element is an essential part of teaching that will never be replaced, I want to create engaging materials for students, and it is through enhanced e-books, social media, and other digital means that they become self-empowered. I have created an enhanced, educational e-book version of "Ozymandias" by Percey Bysshe Shelley and I hope to continue to work on similar materials to continue to empower students, teachers, and parents. I am a parent of a 1 year old myself, and my daughter has learned an impressive amount from various educational apps, of which there are multitudes for toddlers and younger children. I want to develop the same experience for older students, so they enjoy learning and feel intrinsic motivation to learn.

Areas of Interest: 
music production,
video games,
fantasy sports,
fantasy literature

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