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I am Jija from Thailand. It's very nice to meet you. Could you tell me a little bit of yourself. I am not a native speaker but I think we can exchange our language, culture and experience.
In Thai culture, a younger have to respect the older. It's a custom. We say Sa Wad Dee for greeting. In terms of food, we mainly plant rice and we eat rice. There are four regions of Thailand so the food are divided into various taste. The famous food is Tom Yum Kung. It means spicy sour soup with shrimp. Another famous food is Som Tom. It is a spicy papaya salad. It makes my mouth water, lol. On the subject of traveling, Thailand has such beautiful beaches especially in the south. The water is crystal. It suits for a beautiful girl around the world walking on the beach, lol. This is just a brief overview. If you need to know in a great detail, you can ask me.

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