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Rusul Alrubail

Rusul Alrubail works on literacy and student voice at The Writing Project. She is also an education writer, and a student voice advocate. Alrubail has taught English composition and literature to high school, college, and undergraduate students for 10 years. She has written with Edutopia, Education Week, The Guardian, PBS Newshour, EdWeek Teacher, Teaching Tolerance, ASCD's Educational Leadership, Edsurge, Annenberg Learner Foundation, Medium and others.

She's a TEDx speaker and a social media influencer on education, race and equity. Her work focuses on teacher professional development and training, pedagogical practices in and out of the classroom, english language learners, equity & social justice and media literacy as a means for professional development. You can find her work on her "Heart of a Teacher" blog:

Areas of Interest: 
English language learners,
professional development,
Social media,
connected educator

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