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Project Reservoir
September 2011 - Present (4 years)Jersey City
Project Recognition (2011-2013):
Disney Planet Challenge 2011-2012, National Champions
EPA 2012 Environmental Quality Award
ABC 2012 Above and Beyond Award
2012 Earth Week Feature, Channel 9 News
2012 Green Education Foundation, Grant Recipient
2012 PSE&G Environmental Grant Recipient
2012 National Winner Middle School- Education Startup Challenge (Youth Imagineer Corps)

Green Thumb Challenge-Grant Winner
Lexus Eco Challenge 2012-2013, National First Place Award
ExploraVision 2012-2013 National Competition, Honorable Mention Award
2012-2013 Siemens We Can Change the World, National 2nd Place Award
2012-2013 Ecybermission Competition, New Jersey State Champions and Regional Champs
2013 Classroom Close-up "Project Reservoir"
2013 Teen Kids News "Eliminating Mosquitoes"
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3 National Finalist Teams-Siemens "We Can Change the World"
eCYBERMISSION Competition - 2nd in New Jersey
eCYBERMISSION Competition - National Honorable Mention
National Finalist Lexus Eco-Challenge
Semi-Finalist Christopher Columbus Awards
Honorable Mention Toshiba "Exploravision" NSTA national STEM competition
Garden State Green Award - Green School of NJ

National Winners (Middle School Champions) Lexus Eco-Challenge (S.T.A.X)
Second Place Lexus Eco-Challenge (Algae Extinguishers)

Ecybermission 2nd Place NJ (Composquitoes)

International winner- Our Class Act 2015- Phrag Attack

2014-15 News
Sci Tech Now "An Outside Approach to Learning"
UL and North American Association for Environmental Education
American Graduate Day-

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