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"Professor" Paul GTO Briones

"Professor Paul" GTO Briones is co-creator and host of Virtual Science University (VSU). His Bio-Edutainment Music is red HOT right now! "Professor" Paul GTO Briones has 33 and 1/3 years teaching experience, teaching biological and physical sciences in Texas Public Schools. He developed BRIONES MILC (MULTIPLE INPUTS LEARNING CONCEPT) and implemented the learning strategy into Virtual Science University's (VSU) experiential science lessons using the principles of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory. The framework of his Laboratory Activities are PBL based. Utilizing music, multimedia, and kinesthetic activities, Virtual Science University allows students of all learning styles to grasp the curriculum and have fun doing it. Paul O. Briones has been a presenter/exhibitor at the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching in Texas (CAST), Conferences and Conventions for the National Biology Teachers Association and the National Science Teachers Association, and a member of the Texas Association of Biology Teachers. Paul continues to be a contributor to conferences across the United States and has daily traffic coming into Virtual Science University every day from many parts of the world and daily plays of his Bio-Edutainment Music at

Areas of Interest: 
Anatomy & Physiology/High School & Community College,
General Biology/High School & Community College,
Climate Change & Global Warming/High School & Community College,
Setting Up Urban Science Education Centers/High School,
English-Language Learners,
Green Energy/High School & Community College,
Growing Organic Gardens/High School & Community College,
Using The Arts in Teaching Biology/Community College,
Developing Botanical Gardens at High Schools/High School,
Archeology & Anthropology/Community College,
Plant Physiology & Morphology/Community College,
Metal Chemistry/Community College

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