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Paul Hernandez

As a math and science teacher, my educational philosophy is simple; master the fundamentals and continue to build on them daily. As a teacher/mentor, I always try to determine where the entire class is within the material as well as individually. The use of technology allows for faster gap closure and student development with more immediate responses from assignments, projects and assessments.

More about me: I am a product of Catholic Schools as a graduate of Our Lady of Lourdes Class of 1984 and Cantwell High School Class of 1988. I have coached CYO sports for over ten years at Lourdes and another school, which was the motivating factor for my decision to become a full time teacher. I have worked in several industries such as real estate, radio marketing & promotions and most recently in banking. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management and currently finalizing my Master's in Education with credentials in Secondary Math.

Areas of Interest: 
faith-based learning