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Nina Smith

Finnish teacher, pedagogical trainer/mentor living, learning & working abroad. Passionate about meaningful learning. I mentor and coach teachers to thrive in their profession. I got my M.Ed. degree and teaching credentials in Finland, then worked internationally, and am currently living, working and studying in the U.S. In addition to consulting I mentor teachers pursuing their M.Ed. degrees at Western Governors University.

I blog and tweet about 21st century skills, student centered practices, and learner agency. My website has information about 3C-model of effective education, which is a framework for cognitive, constructive and cooperative learning and teaching. 3Cs is a model any teacher can choose to use in any educational setting regardless the curriculum they are following.

Areas of Interest: 
Meaningful Learning,
Emotional Support,
Instructional Support,
Learner-centered education,
Learning-centered education and leadership

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