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Mike Raven

Nearly 30 years teaching experience Yr8 to Yr 12 (maths, science, physics, chemistry, biology). Then I retired from full-time teaching and formed "The School of the Mind". I established a student help center (for all students) with my own classroom (right above my favorite coffee-shop).

Over about 15 years I have developed many different courses for students, designed to help promote better motivation, self-belief and learning skills among other things. I also worked on a case by case basis (tailored to the particular need) which I found very rewarding.

All my courses are evidence based with a strong underlying emphasis on brain science (which I have researched since the early 1990's) as well as Philosophy and Psychology. Brain science education - particularly neuroplasticity - helps students better understand their learning, beliefs, fears and behaviors. It made a remarkable improvement to motivation and outlook (yes, it takes time !)

Recently moved to the mountain ranges west of Brisbane and enjoying a hobby-farm lifestyle. I have just started a blog "My Learning Place" on Blogger (http://bestlearningplace.blogspot.com.au/). I have so much material that I can post - it's difficult to know what to post next!

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Student learning,
brain science,
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