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Marshall Barnes

Advanced concept research and development engineer with strong multi-media background going back to the 70s. Started SuperScience for High School Physics in 2005 to fill the need for exposing students to real life research from the cutting edge of science and technology, with a skew toward physics.

Created the award winning project (see to show how students can see flaws in advanced physics concepts that PhDs miss, thus proving J. Robert Oppenheimer's quote to be correct - "There are children playing in the street who could solve some of my top physics problems because they possess modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago." Recently, students as young as 4th through 6th grade have been able to detect a major flaw in Stephen Hawking's presentation during his TV special on the Discovery Channel, Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking (see ). I won a Ohio General Assembly recognition for that and I have been selected by the Interstellar Education track chair for the 2014 100 Year Starship Symposium to give a formal presentation on it for the 2014 conference in Houston.

Will be expanding SuperScience for High School Physics by adding cutting edge scientists and artists on a national scale who can do classroom or Skype presentations for schools. Emphasis on "cutting edge". Check out my new STEM video, Stephen Hawking's Feedback Mistake (see )

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Areas of Interest: 
informal science education,
relativity theory,
engineering the space-time metric,
space exploration,
exotic propulsion platorms,
practical applications for the extreme implications of quantum physics

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