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Lisa Mims

Welcome! I consider myself an oldschoolteach because I have taught for over 25 years! Wow! Believe it or not, I am still passionate about teaching! My true passion is integrating technology into my classroom. Not only does it help add some "ooomph" to what could be a boring day-to-day job, but it also helps engage my students.
I am a Native New Yorker, now a Delawarean, but NY will always run through my veins.:) I am an alumnus of SUNY New Paltz and Brooklyn College.
I am the mother of two boys, therefore, a parent and a teacher!
I am the wife of a very wonderful man who tolerates the amount of time I spend on the computer. (Well, most of the time)
I love writing and I have contributed posts to Free Technology for Teachers, Edudemic, TeachHub, GoAnimate, and more.I am an avid reader and try to share my knowledge through tweeting, blogging, and facebooking(is that a word?).
Every year I strive to be better for my students!

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educational technology,
blogging about education

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