George Lucas Educational Foundation

Lisa Currie

Our main priority is improving student's social, emotional and mental health to reduce bullying and exclusion through our whole school curriculum.

Through on-going lessons and activities which span a student's primary education, children are provided with opportunities to practice kindness on a regular basis for it to become a natural and instinctive part of who they are.

When children are able to experience the feel good emotions that are produced when being kind, it enables them to see the world in a more positive light.

As they learn about their emotions and how their thoughts, feelings and actions impact on people, children develop an understanding and acceptance for others, and feel more at peace within themselves.

By building respectful relationships and being kind to their teachers and peers, a culture of kindness emerges to reduce bullying and create safe and inviting environments.

Lessons and activities have been designed for the classroom, home and community to take kindness outside the school gate and nurture a positive outlook in every walk of life.

Areas of Interest: 
character education,
social and emotional learning (SEL),

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