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Linda Keane AIA

Linda Keane, AIA is an artist, architect and design education innovator who champions creativity as essential to our sustainable future. She is Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and co-founder of STUDIO 1032, with Mark Keane, UWM Professor of Architecture. She connects transformative learning experiences in collaboration with teachers and students in cultivating outdoor place based learning experiences. She began bringing design and environment issues to the public in animated films with Mark Keane shown on TV, in museums and international conferences. A Retrospective of Animation, (PBS Emmy), is included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art/J. Paul Getty Program for Art on Film, Architecture On Screen, Spain's A+A Architecturanimacion, and ARCHITECTURE: An Interactive Introduction (McGraw Hill).

With STUDIO 1032 she consults on green initiatives along the Milwaukee- Chicago corridor. She serves on the City of Chicago Metropolitan Planning Council, Project for Public Place National Advisory Council, and is co chair of the American Institute of Architects Committee on Education Alternative Learning Environments. In 2013 she served on the National AIA Design Jury for Schools. Directing design of the City of Chicago Green Roof Website (dedicated by Mayor Daley in 2006) she brought accessibility and visibility of the city's environmental movement. She advised the making of Metro Joe, Metropolis 2020's online urban and regional game for high school students on urban planning and contributed her educational non-profit,'s place making, pocket parks, and public space journeys for the Burnham 100's Educators Resource Guide using Chicago as an outdoor classroom. (2007) supports K12 education with design of informal learning opportunities. is partnered with partnered with Ace Mentors, Chicago Public Schools After School Matters, Detroit Public Schools, Earth Day Network, National Environmental Education Foundation, Global Campaign For Climate Action, US Green Charter Schools, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, LaCrosse Design Institute, Salvadori Center, Smithsonian, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Harvard Career Links Project, FutureLab's InfoCow, UIA's Architecture and Children Program, and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Design As Nature workshops have reach 5,000 teachers and 50,000 students in 100 countries and 50 states. The American Institute of Architects, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, American Architecture Foundation, Graham Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Union of International Architects and the United States Green Building Council, have recognized Keane's innovation in design of learning and learning environments.

Areas of Interest: 
design education,
design as nature,
environmental design,
environmental stweardship,
place based active learning,
sustanable practices,
emerging economies,
green architecture

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