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Lessia Bonn

I have discovered that arming students with deep insights and "spot on" humor greatly improves their chances of becoming happy and productive classroom citizens. And whenever I need an idea planted in the hearts and minds of my busy students, I make sure to pen my point into a song. Why? Because lyrics so often linger on and become new thinking. Meaningful lyrics support critical thinking, work for close reading, and can be used to cover many standards. BP covers all grades with ELA, music lessons, full band studio recordings and more. All featured voices belong to my own students.

Very special lesson videos featuring my own students pondering life can be found on the video page at Feel free to use these in your own classroom! My full bio and the kids in my giant crew are featured on www.VocalsByLocals. In a nutshell: I'm a highly trained producer and songwriter as well as a counselor and teacher.

I have just completed a potent year-long ELA behavior management series with award-winning teacher Retta London. This series was born organically after Retta's own kids blossomed under the Bullyproof Rainbow! Retta's students can be found sharing thoughts on kindness, mindfulness, bullying, and behavior management on the BP video page mentioned above, also at

I love Edutopia and feel very in tune with the philosophy of this site. I am here hoping to make many warm and friendly connections.

Areas of Interest: 
social skills,
bullying solutions,
life skills,
close reading, writing prompts,
lyric study,
character education,
team building,
common core,
behavior management,
gifted kids ,
classroom playlist,
classroom management,
social skills,
creative writing,
community building,
critical thinking,
global issues,
leadership for kids,
dealing with anxiety,
school counselor,
classroom playlist,
music matters,
classroom community,

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