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Kate Uebelherr

I believe education in our time of accelerated change and exponential growth in a interconnected global community requires us to be curious, creative, compassionate, self-directed, and multidisciplinary learners. As a life long learner I model, coach, support, and motivate my students to pursue their passions and fulfill their responsibilities. I strive to develop caring, knowledgeable inquirers who will to contribute to a better world through a multicultural respect and understanding.
I believe developing a learning community allows us to share, connect, reflect, and explore the understandings we are constructing. I believe in blended and project based learning approaches to support teaching and learning. Technology is a tool that helps us solve problems and enhances inquiry through relevant, authentic, personalized experiences reaching far beyond the classroom. It is my privilege to enable and support our learning communities to build capacities for the skills and understandings to collaborate, thinking critically, communicate, create, organize using technology which are critical in education today.

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