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Joshua Freedman

As a middle school teacher, I found the most powerful ingredient in learning was the relationships we had in the classroom, not as "instructor and learner," but as human beings together doing something exciting, challenging, and worthwhile. That commitment led me to help launch Six Seconds in 1997; now we work all round the globe teaching the skills of emotional intelligence supporting people to create positive change.

I am the coauthor of the SEI, a validated EQ assessment, the ASC and OVS (school and organizational climate measures), the Self-Science curriculum, and a host of programs for EQ development at work, school, and in the family (here are some details). I wrote At the Heart of Leadership and INSIDE CHANGE, books about using these skills to increase organizational performance.

My most powerful EQ learning experience has been learning to be a parent for Emma and Max, they are now 15 and 13 years old.

Areas of Interest: 
emotional intelligence,
social-emotional learning,
project-based learning,

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