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John McCarthy

I am a constant learner and teacher in my education consulting work with schools in the US and abroad. Starting as a teacher in Chicago, my life's mission is to deeply understand and advocate student voice in their learning career. I've taught in 3 states from urban to rural settings, and from deep poverty to an area of high affluence. As a consultant I work with schools on systemic implementation of Differentiated Instruction, Project Based Learning, Eliminating Assessment & Grade Fog, and culture building--All with a focus on Student Voice. I teach blended grad courses at Madonna University, which keeps me actively honing my instructional practices. Find many more resources on my website

I love to learn from the educators who I assist. My coaching style focuses on helping educators and students find understandings and solutions from within themselves. Because my telling, won't stick, but their discovering lasts forever. A former English and Social Studies teacher, I hone my craft through my blog and as the managing editor of Deadwood Writers Voices, ( a blog that explores writing by a great team of writers, who are part of the Deadwood Writer's Group in Southeast MI.

Most importantly, I am a gamer to my kids, their advocate for learning, and a cheerleader at their events--and my wife's 26.2 miles events.

Areas of Interest: 
Student Voice,
Differentiated Instruction,
Project Based Instruction,
21st Century Learning,
Global Skills

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