George Lucas Educational Foundation

John Edelson

We started VocabularySpellingCity about 6 years ago. Initially, it was a simple service to help students practice their spelling and vocabulary. Based on discussions with principals, literacy experts, and teachers, we have focused on building core literacy skills so that vocabulary is built and retained which is so key to comprehension and academic success. Key elements:
- Vocabulary and writing practice activities implementing research-based techniques
- Differentiated learning capabilities through assignments and student specific lists
- Automation to streamline classroom management
- And more and more learning games to engage students and helping them with formative assessment and skill building activities
Today, it seems that more elementary school teachers than not, are familiar with SpellingCity. However, many use just the free site. Take a look at the real benefits of having you, your school, or district use the Premium/Paid program for $2/student year. The iPad and Android apps have had more than a million downloads.

Our newest service is Science4Us, a core curriculum for K-2nd science that also teaches literacy and math skills. This has been be reviewed for efficacy by McREL, adopted in 2013 in Texas, and supported by a Dept of Education grant. I'd suggest that every K-2, even 3rd grade teachers, should take a look. Have no budget? Use the 55 free lessons on the site or contact us for help with grants.