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Joel Chevrier

Joel Chevrier (55) is Professor of Physics at the University Joseph Fourier (UJF) of Grenoble. One is his major interest as a teacher is the use of new instruments and of real time visual and force displays to introduce a broad audience to science and technology. As one of the Research Vice-President of the University Joseph Fourier(2007-2010), he was in charge of Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Nanosciences. His original background is in Solid State Physics, (superconductivity, silicon MBE, quasicrystals). He is heading a Research activity in Nanomechanics at the Institut Neel CNRS. He has been in charge of a Master Program in Nanotechnology and Nanosciences at UJF and is currently teaching courses on Nanophysics, Sensors and Actuators, Scanning Probe Microcopy.
Implementation of perception and action at nanoscale :
Shaking hands with a virus - getting all touchy-feely with nanotechnology :
How to display science since images have no mass:

Areas of Interest: 
Teaching Science using general consumer high tech tools

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