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Jeremy Sherman

I have a Ph.D. in evolutionary epistemology, and a masters in Public Policy.

Call it my middle-age spread, I'm all over the life and social sciences. I've taught college level psych, sociology, English, Western Civ, cultural studies, business strategy, advertising. I'm part of a research team developing an new theory on the origins of life.

But mostly I'm interested in teaching the scientific method's other half, not how to quantitatively test hypotheses, but how to develop them. That's the part of science we all employ everyday, as we shop among hypotheses, and try to balance hope with realism, faith with reason, confidence with skepticism, encouragement with the courage to confront what un-confronted will hurt us tomorrow. I've written over 400 articles at most of them on shopping among interpretations. Many of these articles appear also at my Psychology Today Blog, Ambigamy: Insights for the deeply romantic and deeply skeptical:

Educationally I'd like to be part of an effort to create the Novum Trivium. The Trivium was the classical liberal education in rhetoric, logic and grammar. Today I wish all schools taught rhetoric, critical thinking, and moral philosophy, basically how to spin, how to unspin and how to decide what to spin, with social psychology's insights into biases and heuristics as the source on the two sides of the same coin--how to spin and unspin.