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Jay Clark

I began my career teaching instrumental music. While taking one of my first administrative master's courses, I did a research project on middle grades philosophies and this ignited my passion for middle grades education.
I am lucky to be principal in a small middle school in Northwest Ohio - roughly 250 students in grades 6-8. I am also fortunate to be able to continue teaching a 6th grade general music course. I have enjoyed working with our staff, students, and community in establishing outdoor education with our 7th graders, a 1:1 computing program for all students, a Washington, D.C. experience for our 8th graders, and student-led parent conferences each November... all while I am a husband and father of four!

Areas of Interest: 
Middle Level Education - Engaging Middle Level Learners,
Project-Based Learning,
True Professional Learning Communities,
Arts Education,
Innovative Educational Space Design,
Outdoor Education

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