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Jared Colley

I teach British Literature at The Oakridge School in Arlington, TX and chair the English Department as well. A Texas native, I studied philosophy at UT Austin and later received my MA in critical theory from NYU with a focus on postmodern French philosophy. For many years, I taught literature and global history at Bay Ridge Preparatory School in Brooklyn, NY before pursuing my current opportunity at Oakridge. In terms of research, I've been most interested in mapping the connections among the following topics: contemporary French philosophy (specifically the work of Deleuze, Ranciere, Malabou, & Stiegler), 21st century pedagogy, and recent advancements in the science & philosophy of consciousness. Over the years I have presented nationally on topics such as collaboration, gamification, tech integration, rhizomatic learning, as well as how to make writing instruction more innovative and meaningful for 21st century students. Most importantly, I'm passionately committed to the joyful work of building relationships with students both in and outside the classroom, and that's why I love what I do!

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