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Janice Whitney

I have cures and treatments for Dyslexia and other Learning disabilities. You can check me and my son out on the web site for Dr. Harold Levinson under the Multi- media section when we appeared on television with him in 1996. I am a retired Special Education Teacher and mother of a dyslexic son. In 1996 my son was in grade 6 and he could not read. In grade 4 he could not recognize the word "the". He was bright and a double A hockey player but he could not read a thing. I saw a television show about Dr. Levinson and read 2 of his 13 books and then went to see him in New York. He dramatically cured my son who was able to read and who has gone on to get 2 college diplomas. I also have other interventions which help LD kids. "Fast Forward" computer program, Prism eye glass lenes, Irelen colored lenses are other interventions which can dramatically help LD kids.

Areas of Interest: 
Interventions /treatments for LD students