George Lucas Educational Foundation

Janet Wilson

I am a dedicated educator,in the process of creating a prototype for replication in learning that is designed for all students, particularly those that struggle with traditional educational environments. My background is predominantly in the field of special education and I am committed to creating a school that is both virtual and physical, but one that knows no boundaries between age groups. In other words, if a student in middle school is doing 10th grade math, so be it - let's educate that student in 10th grade math via our virtual options!
The Inspired Learning Charter School I am designing now is competancy-based and not subject to arbitrarily grouping students by their age. We are partnered with the eLearning Elementary School created by Tracy Hanson, also of NH. Both schools are slated to open fall 2013.

Areas of Interest: 
Arts Integration,
Art Education,
High School Re-design,
Innovative educational practice,
hands-on learning,
project-based learning,
exciting education