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Gregg Sinner

Relevant Experience
School Change Coach, Center for Secondary School Redesign
School Change Specialist, Education Alliance at Brown University
Principal, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
Principal and Director of Student Inquiry and Research, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Founding Principal, New Challenge School, Charlotte County FL Public Schools
Founding STEM Teacher, CT Capital Region Education Council's Shanti School

Relevant Expertise
Coaching, consulting, advising on: creating conditions for transformative leadership, teaching, learning and schooling; inquiry-driven, competency-based and performance assessed learning; teacher-as-advisor programs
Building capacity for liberating the goodness and genius of each student -- by design
Over 40 years of teaching, leadership and coaching in developing, transforming and leading personalized learning organizations
PhD, Dartmouth College; M.Ed., Antioch University/New England; B.S., University of Minnesota

Areas of Interest: 
Inquiry Learning and Performance Assessment,
STEM and STEAM education,
competence-based learning and assessment

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