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Faiza Amir

I am currently teaching English Language to Grade VI students. I am particularly interested in ways of using digital technologies in my classroom to personalize learning for my learners in order to ensure maximum engagement. The school that I work for has resources that are shared and therefore their access is limited.This in itself serves as the biggest challenge in a class of 28 students. I have not experimented much with integrating digital technologies, so basically can be considered relatively new to this. I like to work closely with my students and vehemently feel that unless learning is made meaningful to students they will either not engage at all or will do so superficially. So teachers need to work towards finding ways of motivating their students intrinsically. To this end since our students are digital natives we need to explore this avenue to its full potential to support and enhance the learning and teaching in our classrooms.

Areas of Interest: 
Integrating Digital Technologies in English Language classes for Middle School.

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