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Ewan McIntosh

An award-winning educator and the founder of NoTosh Limited, based in Scotland, Australia and San Francisco, with a global reputation for researching and delivering new learning opportunities for some of the world's top creative companies and school districts. The team has a unique ongoing experience in creativity in creative contexts (we work with some of the world's top fashion, media and tech companies) and research-based learning and teaching development with schools.

I was a French and German High School teacher, before moving from the classroom into technology research and leadership as Scotland's first National Advisor on Learning and Technology Futures. I later helped set up one of the most ambitious investment funds from a public service broadcaster in the UK, the $100m 4iP Fund from Channel 4 Television, and started developing websites, apps and video games with some of the most talented British creatives. It was while I worked there that I saw the need in education to better understand the creative process (which is now widely known as design thinking), where good ideas come from, and how the talented folk in the creative industries make their crazy ideas happen.

Areas of Interest: 
design thinking,
professional development,
formative assessment,

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