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Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth Peterson has devoted her life to education and to reaching out to other teachers who want to remain inspired. An arts integration specialist, Mrs. Peterson teaches fourth grade in Amesbury, Massachusetts and is the host of She holds an M.Ed. in Education, "Arts and Learning" and a C.A.G.S. degree with a focus in "Arts, Leadership and Learning." Elizabeth is the author of Inspired by Listening, a teacher resource book that includes a method of music integration she has developed and implemented into her own teaching, and Studio Days, a resource filled with information and lesson plans for bringing creativity into the classroom. She teaches workshops and courses on the integration of the arts into the curriculum and is the host of the annual Summer Teacher Art Retreat Elizabeth believes there is a love of active, integrated learning in all children and from their enthusiasm, teachers can shape great opportunities to learn.

Areas of Interest: 
Arts Integration, social-emotional learning, SEL, STEAM, music education, General education strategies