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Eileen Gale Kugler

Global advocate for the unique benefits that diversity brings to our multicultural schools and communities, and what we all need to do to strengthen them. Challenging keynotes, hands-on workshops, consulting with school districts and community organizations. Award-winning book, "Debunking the Middle-class Myth: Why diverse schools are good for all kids" is on the reading list for educators, teachers, parents, students and community leaders across the country. New book, "Innovative Voices in Education: Engaging Diverse Communities" ( shares strategies and insights from 17 groundbreaking educators around the world.

Her work is informed by an active volunteer life. She and her educator husband return to a rural school in South Africa each year to improve literacy. In 2010, they collected, sorted, labeled and shipped a library of 25,000 books to the school and now are working with educators on utilizing the books in instruction. Their work has been documented in the Washington Post and Voice of
America TV.

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parent engagement,
school culture,
achievement gap

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