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Dr. David Peat

Dr. David Peat has been involved in education, rehabilitation and health since 1972.

Key Professional Experience

* International experience in educational, health and community settings has been obtained in Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, Indonesia, Maldives and Sri Lanka.
* Dr. Peat has extensive experience in developing and delivering professional development to teachers, community-level workers and parents, particularly focusing on increasing their capacity to accommodate a diverse range of peoples' needs in home, classroom & community settings.
* David is the author of books, chapters, research articles, reports and other publications spanning the topics of literacy, the teaching of thinking skills, curriculum development, instructional practices, change theory, staff development, topics of health & wellness, crisis intervention and assessment models/instruments.
* Dr Peat served as the Academic Director (Education) for James Cook University, Singapore while concurrently teaching graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Programme.
* David established and guided the development of the COPES (Children's One-stop Psyco-educational Services) Programme for the Child Guidance Clinic, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore.
* In 2005-6, through ActionAid Internationa,l he trained Maldivian front-line workers offering Post-Tsunami psycho-social support to children, and evaluated Post-Tsunami interventions in India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Areas of Interest: 
Supporting Educational Development and Change

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