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Christopher De Michele


Based upon results I've witnessed and researched, combined with the global need (which spans age and walks of life), I believe SEL/SECD is a foundational component of an optimal learning environment. Establishing safe, student-centered relevance builds ownership in the learning process, and when linked with student/teacher strengths, foundations of positive lifelong habits are likely to result.

Significant reform will require our collective voices and cumulative activism. Any movement MUST engage the imaginations of students, educators, elders, community, non-profits and businesses by inviting and rewarding their participation. Through this process participants gain wisdom and value (socio-economically, environmentally, etc.) as we discover our passions and purpose for delivering our best selves and abilities to the world.

I look forward to playing in the sandbox with you...

Christopher D.
Founder and President
Enrichment Resource Group

Areas of Interest: 
Service Learning,
Whole-child education,
systems-based school-wide implementations

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