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Cathryn Hudson

I am the project director for Conscious Dimensions.
Conscious Dimensions is a start-up company in Cincinnati, Ohio and is comprised of a group of individuals dedicated to the
development of products designed to entertain and educate audiences of all ages on their journey to conscious self-awareness.
"Consciousness is defined by the awakening of our true essence. Once awakened, we have the ability to observe our thoughts,
feelings and attitudes, discern them, and proceed to live a life of open responses rather than defensive reactions."
Conscious Dimensions is dedicated to the transformation of consciousness through training, consulting and team building.
"When people understand both their own gifts and challenges, and those of their co-workers, friends and family,
the result is a high performing and happy member of society," explains Dr.Ooten, founder and CEO.
We just finished our 1st app, N-1 Ramthor's Labyrinth on Google Play. Learn a bit about our 1st character, are you like him? Help him through his jewel quests as he learns to understand himself (see more on Google Play).

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