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Bruce Deitrick Price

Author, artist, poet, education activist. My fifth book is "THE EDUCATION ENIGMA--What Happened To American Education.", founded in 2005, now presents over 125,000 words of original content. Reading is a primary focus.

Here's something I just put out in a press release titled: "Let's Save Public Education: A Five-Point Plan." (Please Google it.)....

"Here's what I see again and again. Everyone has a theory!!! Most of them are not helpful. Either they are small and deal with money and administrative details. Or they are cosmic and involve starting over with the planet on a new axis. Sorry, in the real world, we've got to work with the good we have, and systematically cut away at the bad.

"A lot of my work on is devoted to analyzing why various dumb ideas don't work. For just one example: sight-words. Keep a kid from reading and it's over. Build a billion-dollar school, it's still over! So I put a lot of emphasis on deconstructing all the horrible nonsense that an ideologically motivated Education Establishment has concocted to make sure that children remained more or less at the same level.'

(If reading is your interest, please start with "42: Reading Resources." on

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