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Becky Krill

Hi, I'm Becky. Thanks for visiting my Edutopia profile.

I'm a busy millennial with passions all over the map but most of my attention is directed towards the intersection of education and technology. When I was a kid, I used to say I wanted to be a teacher.

Thanks to the internet, I get to be a teacher and so much more.

The best teachers are endowed with a growth mindset and care deeply about the effects of learning on a person's life - especially their own. They're not afraid of a changing classroom. They're not afraid of new forms of learning. They're not afraid of what's new, because what's new leads to what's next.

We're experiencing a learning revolution. Great teachers are entering the digital landscape with the eyes of a child and learning right alongside their students. What could be better?

I'm excited about what the internet means for education and how we can facilitate better learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities.

I specialize in instructional design, online education, marketing, social media, SEO and strategic partnerships for social impact and educational organizations that align with my core values. In my role as Instructional Marketing Manager at SchoolKeep, I spend a lot of time working closely with subject matter experts to take pre-existing offline content and turn it into market ready and educationally sound online learning modules.

I'm looking to connect with community engagement professionals working in schools, non profits, and corporations as well as educators, school administrators, instructional designers, curriculum developers, digital marketers, training officers, camp professionals and anyone with a good idea!

Areas of Interest: 
experiential and project-based learning,
blended learning,
online learning

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