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Barbara Gilmour, Creator of Cool Kind Kid

"Cool Kind Kid" is social skills, character values, and anti-bullying educational materials for young children. These music based programs are proactively addressing bullying and violence issues by equipping kids with the social skills tools they need to reject bullying and to redefine "cool." The motivation for bullying is considerably weakened as kids learn that kind, caring, and respectful behaviors are cool and bullying is uncool. Through award-winning music, fun activities and characters, and a teacher-friendly format, kids are engaged and learning that they can be both kind and cool. The audio CD is 17 original songs, each teaching a different social skill. It has won more than 12 national awards, including Parents' Choice, Teachers' Choice, CD of the Year, and The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval.

Recent research is supporting "social competence" as the missing link in combating the bullying so prevalent today. These pilot tested programs have demonstrated changed behavior.

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Areas of Interest: 
Creating characters,
and role-plays,
writing stories.

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