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Ashley Cronin

I'm passionate about education and thrilled to work at Edutopia, where I have the privilege of supporting educators by curating information and media related to effective teaching and learning strategies and resources. Prior to Edutopia, I worked as a special education teacher and more recently, spent several years managing web and video content for college education and early childhood education textbooks.

In my free time, I study an Indonesian martial art called White Crane Silat, find solace in nature, and enjoy exploring my hometown of Oakland, California.

Some of my interests in education include special education and universal design for learning, education technology and online learning, and mindfulness in schools.

I would love to hear from Edutopia community members. You can follow me on Twitter: @ashtcronin.

Areas of Interest: 
education technology,
learners with exceptionalities,
mindfulness in schools,
special education,
technology integration,
universal design for learning