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Anne Shaw

Anne Shaw is the Founder and Director of 21st Century Schools. She has taught as an elementary teacher and has taught undergraduate classes at the University of Texas at Austin. Her passion is curriculum design and professional development.

She has worked with educators in the US and abroad, and she has worked with educational organizations, ministries of education and governments in Turkey, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Canada.

Anne assists educators in developing a 21st century paradigm of education and guides teachers in developing curriculum based upon the Critical Attributes of 21st Century Education and which incorporates the Multiple Literacies for the 21st Century.

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Back to School: A Surefire Strategy for Building Classroom Community
posted by Anne Shaw is located at http://www.edutopia.org/blog/back-to-school-strategy-building-community-...

Areas of Interest: 
Professional staff development,
curriculum design,
project-based learning,
Web 2.0 tools,
global collaborative classroom projects,
green education,
service learning,
after school programs,
21st Century Education,
interdisciplinary curriculum

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