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Anitra Rice

I am a certified professional life coach and a certified educator. I am passionate about building parent engagement in inner-city schools through empathetic connections and partnerships. Today not only do I educate young minds I also coach parents and teachers while running my private coaching business. This wasn't always my story. There was a time when I too struggled with engagement as a parent. I found myself on public assistance, in school and working full time while raising my three sons post divorce. I worked in a low SES school and saw the effects of a lack of parental engagement. I vowed to make a change not only in my life but in the lives of other inner-city families. This is why today I dedicate my energy in partnering with schools and families. I've seen and experienced the impact of parental engagement in my life and in the lives of the parents I coach. It is my desire to effect dynamic and positive change in this area of education.

Areas of Interest: 
Parent engagement. Teacher training. Mindfulness. School Culture.

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